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Learning to communicate emotions and experiences through images and light, rhythm and sound is what drives my passion. I’m interested in the finer details of things and strive for perfection, even if this means taking longer than planned. I dislike the notion of work as I believe that I should derive pleasure from what I do without being tied down to a fixed, rigid schedule.


I’m an active person, addicted to sport and fascinated by challenges… which is perhaps what made me swim, successfully, from Alcatraz Island to mainland San Francisco or the Strait of Messina. I have invested in learning, equipment and resources and know that this is reflected in the quality of what I produce. I have worked on various projects including music videos, corporate videos, real estate videos and green screen work. Winning the short video competition in Italy with “Helwa tal-Ghageb” was something that gave me a sweet boost in my work. I’m equipped with various tools of the trade including lighting, gimbals, cameras and drones, thus rendering my work as well as my clients’ easier.

Should you be interested in a project or in any one of the services I provide, I’d be only too happy to discuss your ideas with you. Do have a look at my portfolio and feel free to drop me a line.

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